A cup of tea │ is the best companion in summer


Baiyun Tea   The two flags of Baiyunfeng are new, green […]

Baiyun Tea


The two flags of Baiyunfeng are new, green and long fresh valley rain spring.
The quiet test is just like the snow on the lake.
The bottle of gold powder should be there.
After the decapitation of the Qing Dynasty, I would like to persuade the three to patrol.



Fried tea leaves

The villages that usually smoked in the past few days were particularly cold, and they were wondering. Suddenly they smelled a scent. As the source looked, they found that the neighbors were cooking tea. It was realized that the original tea season had arrived, and every household went up the mountain to pick tea. went.

Speaking of tea, it immediately associates with West Lake Longjing, one of the "China's Top Ten Famous Teas". It is green, fragrant, sweet and beautiful. Like the West Lake, it is the perfect crystallization of people, nature and culture, and is an important carrier of the regional culture of the West Lake.

Today is the largest production area of ​​West Lake Longjing - Longwu Tea Town

Longwu Tea Town is located in the southwest of Hangzhou, passing through the town and passing through the town. It is about 15 kilometers away from the center of Hangzhou. Surrounded by mountains, the tea garden is surrounded by mountains and hills. It is known as the “Wandan Tea Township”. Approved one of the characteristic towns in Zhejiang.

There are contiguous ecological tea gardens, exquisite country houses, sparkling reservoirs, and delicate forest parks, which are simply eco-oxygen bars and forest villas!

Longwu Tea Town


Looking in the distance, a green, but there is a particularly dazzling, that is, the LOGO standing not far from the entrance.

As we all know, outdoor landscape lighting generally requires a product life of more than 3 years, which puts higher demands on the stability of the product for outdoor use. Mingdu Chuangxin point light source protection grade reaches IP67, its anti-UV grade 4, solves the waterproof problem of LED lamps in outdoor long-term use, greatly improving the life of lamps.

The wrap-around design of the mountains coincides with the overall terrain of Longwu Tea Town. The shape of the mountains is undulating, and the colorful lights are particularly eye-catching. It is accompanied by light and shadow during the day.