Doraemon's "Time Machine"


A lot of childhood memories after 80s and 90s have "blu […]

A lot of childhood memories after 80s and 90s have "blue fat man" - the shadow of A dream, it brings us a lot of fantasy, and many modern high-tech inspiration comes from it.


After reading "A Dream", have you ever imagined that you can take a "Time Machine of A Dream" and walk freely in the tunnel of time and space, and experience a second to return to the past, one second to the future. A magical feeling.

The Malaysian anime tunnel with a length of 5.1 meters and a height of 2.7 meters is a theme of passing through time and space, injecting a strong sense of technology and cool lighting rendering, so that people walking into the Malaysian animation tunnel will have a feeling of walking in a time tunnel. . The project uses the full-color point light source of Mingdu Chuangxin 40. The light effect of the 40-point light source for the tunnel is like a big suction cup, which makes people inadvertently attracted and open a journey full of unknown and exciting time and space!

Product introduction

Product model: MDCX-D40

Rated voltage: DC12V/24V

Rated power: 0.5W/0.7W/1W

Average life of light source: 50000h

Lighting angle: 120°

Light source protection level: IP67

Working temperature: -40°C~55°C

Lighting safety level: III -class

Anti-UV rating: 4

Shell flame rating: V-0

Product material: blended modified mixed plastic, aluminum alloy

Weight: 22g

Since Malaysia is an island country close to the equator, it has a tropical rainforest climate. Two seasons a year - wet season and rainy season, the annual air humidity is large. This special climatic feature is extremely high in water repellency and UV resistance, and the MDCX-D40 meets all needs and effectively solves the problem of tropical special climate.


This beautiful and magical country, let us walk through this time and space tunnel to discover its unique beauty from a unique perspective!

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