Fortress Mall - you are still shining with Venus


A starry sky as a child, do you remember? You can see t […]

A starry sky as a child, do you remember?

You can see the starry sky when you look up.

Now only the gray night sky is seen,

Occasionally there are a few stars,

It seems that even the air becomes cloudy.

Fotore Shopping Center

-Saudi Riyadh-


The canopy of the Fortalere Mall restored the "starry sky" of children, and even the "meteor shower" and "rainbow".

The Fortress Shopping Centre is located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is a desert city that is hot and dry and is a typical tropical desert climate. The average temperature is 33 ° C, up to 45 ° C.


Considering such a special climate, Mingdu Chuangxin has adopted the point source MDCX-D40 in this project. The working temperature of this product is -44 °C~55 °C, the UV resistance grade is 4, and the shell flame retardant grade V -0, can be used in tropical desert areas with extremely high temperature, stable and reliable quality and long service life.

The D40 point source is divided into a belt cover and a belt cover. The difference between the two is that the light transmittance is higher without the cover, and the white cover is used to prevent glare, which is suitable for installation in a low position. Saudi Arabia's canopy uses 27,200 D40RGB without a cover, and the aluminum alloy track opening is installed to make the lighting effect more realistic. The control system adopts SIM master control, which can realize remote control through mobile phone APP.

Rainbow & meteor shower