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Design is the presentation of art Light Art   The […]

Design is the presentation of art

Light Art


The Light Art installation is a very marginal subject, the result of lighting + art. Lighting is a key but not the only key link in the interior. The organic integration of lighting and artistic space is not just about the various materials of the lighting itself, but also technology and art. Therefore, for the designers of lighting devices, the accumulation of knowledge in all aspects is particularly important.


Henan. Luohe

Wuhe Zhongwang Outlets International Famous Shopping Mall is a major investment attraction project of the provincial and municipal governments; it is the largest outlet in the Central Plains area; it is a collection of food, drink and play. , music, purchase, and residence as one, with an international standard of urban complex.



The elegant business district inland river connects the main road of Shahe River and integrates into the unique water culture of the Weihe River; the gorgeous mesh corridor connects the shopping malls to make the districts interoperable; the unique European style architecture is based on ancient Roman architecture. Lord, the introduction of the concept of Venetian water city, coupled with the line lights of Mingdu Chuangxin, fully demonstrates the romantic characteristics of Rome, classical, aesthetic and fashion, and even highlights the artistic concept of the king of Ole.

The interior of the king Ole's building has chosen the line lamp MDCX-L18&L19 of Mingdu Chuangxin. These two products are exquisite in appearance, transparent and ultra-thin; the light source adopts integrated waterproof technology, and the protection grade reaches IP67; uniform illumination and high brightness. It can be used for outdoor contour lighting of large buildings such as buildings and bridges, and can also be used in harsh environments.

The two line lights are paired with the European-style King Ole, which complement each other and show their talents. When the night falls, the king of Ole fading away the daylight of the Chinese watch, using the light to continue the diamond-like character of the building, giving it a more glamorous charm in the night, making it represent the power of the spirit and blending in the surrounding area without isolation.

The warm light corridor, and the white hallway reflected in the beautiful river, is like stepping on a starry sky. It just happens to perfectly explain the meaning of the lighting art installation!

One day, everyone will launch a general attack on art,

Because in addition to art, there is no other human being to play!