Special Wires

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AEX 125℃ Low-smoke halogen-free automotive line

Special Wires series

AEX 125℃ Low-smoke halogen-free automotive line

Automobile electronics, electronic equipment and other connecting wire, widely used in automobile pedal and other equipment, in 125 ℃ environment, still can be used for a long time. With high flame retardant, high electrical performance, high strength, long life and other advantages, voltage 300v-600v
technical parameter
01Nominal voltage:300 ~ 600V

02Temperaturature Range:-70℃~ +125℃

03Outer diameter tolorance:±0.1mm

04Testing Voltage:1500V

05Conductor:Tinned copper wire / bare copper wire

06Insulator:Low smoke halogen free fuel

Structure size chart

AEX 125℃低烟无卤汽车线.png